viernes, 29 de mayo de 2015

Summertime Happiness

Summertime Happiness

Summer is coming, and we all have to be prepared. This look inspired me for summer time and it's really colorful because I think that's what summer it's all about, right?

Going to the beach , having fun with friends and family, partying........... a lot.

Just have fun this summer and enjoy your vacations. I recommend to travel someplace you haven't been and if you can't, just find something you are passionate about, follow you dreams and be happy because that's all that matters.

Love, Andrea. 

lunes, 25 de mayo de 2015


Sometimes you think that a person can change your life, but you don't realize what happen behind. Your life don't change because of a person, it changes because you decide it. 

Take everything with you, Your personality, your beliefs and yourself.
Don't be someone you're not because you are going to regret it later. People say you have to love others for who they are but if you don't love yourself how are you going to love others. 

Accept your thoughts and don't change for other people, change for good and what it's best for you.