jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Many Squares

hi fashion lovers, this is me wearing one of my favorite outfits.
the shirt is from bershka, the short is from a local store that i really love because its all about vintage clothes but its casual at the same time, the store its call tennis. The shoes are from a local store too, its from review and the vintage hat that i got on my visit to the united states. I usually don't wear a lot of accessories but i buy them anyway and my mom always gets angry because i make her buy me this thing that i don't really wear but anyway. This is all for today enjoy it.

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012


Hi fashion lovers, today i was watching the pictures of my friends and i saw one that i really like and i know that my friend (in the picture) loves fashion too, so i asked  her if i can put this photo and well she said  yes so here it is.

she is wearing ,as you can see, a white sleevelees shirt , a beautiful red necklace that adds sophistacation to the outfit, a lovely yellow pant that i think is unique because not every person likes to wear something of this color.

Actually she doesn't show the shoes but i think that with a great pair of brown sandals or black high heels it wil look nice .
what do you think ??

viernes, 9 de marzo de 2012

Plataforma k

I would like to do my first entry about the fashion week of my city (barranquilla-colombia) that it's call Plataforma k.

this year it shows a lot of black and white and also a lot of printed fabrics with different colors, to bring us a new level to see fashion not only the cutest  dresses or beautiful outfits, but the youngest and new designer in this indrustry in colombia. 

Polite collection http://www.ppolite.com/

For me and my aunt it was fascinating to be there with all the press and important people and obviously with people like me that love fashion and enjoys the latest trends.   

This pictures belongs to the collection of Agua Bendita, the collection of this year has a lot of printed fabrics for swimwear, many sequins and beautiful  shoes that you can wear on the beach or the pool.